We specialize in studios and flats. All our apartments have been constructed in or after 2003.

The renters of the offered residences are private investors, for whom we primarily seek long-term tenants. All our properties are rented with an indefinite agreement. No commission fee is charged. We rent both private individuals and employment housing. Tenants are required to sign a three-month collateral when signing a lease.

Once you find the apartment you want, you can leave your rental application online right away. You can also leace your contact information if the apartment you desire is occupied right now. In this way, we can offer you a suitable apartment as soon as you are vacant.

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You can ask for more details via e-mail
and with phone 0400-500123.
Our e-mail adress is:
Jukka Kariluoto
Fredrikinkatu 63a C 29
00100 Helsinki

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